Pann: Ugh I freaking hate Choiza


1. [+211, -18] Sulli didn’t hint her relationship and she was quiet about her relationship. She also didn’t betray her fans

2. [+151, -13] I think Choiza is a short term for “the worst man”, not “the best dick”. I really hate him, I hope they break up. Sulli is getting all sorts of sexual insults but Choiza was on SNL as if he’s enjoying it

3. [+140, -12] The haters are assholes but if Choiza really cared for his girlfriend, then he shouldn’t have behaved like that. He’s crazy, Sulli is too good for him

4. [+34, -1] Maybe they broke up a while ago but Choiza wanted to make up with her so he came on SNL and acted as if they’re still dating? I don’t think he’d actually ruinhis girlfriend like that if he’s still dating her. Considering how he’s getting benefits out of Sulli’s name, it’s either they broke up so he’s trying to get her back, or he’s treating Sulli like poop

5. [+32, -1] At first, I was wondering why they weren’t just admitting their relationship, but looking at how Choiza is behaving, I don’t even want to know if they’re dating. I’m even convinced that the whole scandal was staged by Choiza



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