Pann: Kim Heechul predicted Sulli

When Kim Heechul left War of Words, he said he had to quit because he knew the upcoming news

More suspicions:
1. Sudden debut of 4-member group
2. F(x)’s schedule for this week is all cancelled


1. [+170, -0] It doesn’t make sense for SM to cancel the entire schedule just because a member is absent. Other groups use back-up dancers with masks to fill the missing members. Even Shinee promoted as 4-members when their main vocal was missing. It seems a bit suspicious

2. [+87, -56] (irrelevant)

3. [+71, -2] I’m nervous for some reason… I think Sulli will end up leaving the group. The fact that they ended their promotions after 3 weeks is a bit weird, ah I don’t know

4. [+71, -4] Something definitely happened to SM. Last year, SM artists were all successful but this year looks a bit risky for SM. It’s like they’re a house on the top of a cliff about to fall off. I think they could just explode

5. [+61, -3] Do you really think Sulli is suffering just because of hateful comments? Do you think Sulli is the only person getting hate? If you’re talking about getting hate, then what about Hyuna? Girl’s Day? EXO? They get hate for everything. Even SNSD gets hate for their past. Their haters even fake Tiffany’s age and deleted Jessica’s Twitter. Popular celebrities all have haters and get hate. Sulli gets hateful comments, too but I think it’s even harder for her because she has no passion as a singer

6. [+49, -4] As a f(x) fan for 3 years, I always stopped myself whenever I wanted to quit being a fan but this time, it’s really pissing me off. Just tell us whether the problem is Sulli or not. Even though they’re treating my singers as experimental, this is way too mean

7. [+46, -18] Sulli got all sorts of insults because of her scandal with Choiza. SM also forgave the person who spread rumors about her. Those baseless rumors became facts and on Sulli articles, Choiza is always mentioned. And the criticisms towards her lack of effort on stages brings her more criticisms. I don’t believe the company’s excuse of catching a cold. I think Sulli is damaged mentally. How can a young lady be still normal after hearing all those rumors…

8. [+44, -8] Honestly if we’re gonna talk about hateful comments, then Girl’s Day, EXO, Naeun, and Suzy get the same amount of hate as Sulli. But they don’t get a rest like Sulli ㅋㅋㅋ Something happened to f(x) for sure

9. [+42, -0] Several days ago, SM stocks went down completely. I think it’s related

10. [+28, -4] I feel bad for other members. SM groups all have troublemakers ㅋㅋ



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