Goo Hye Sun’s “Maturing Beauty” In Latest Selca

Source: Naver

1. [+2301, -133] She really is pretty.

2. [+1848, -99] Wow… look at her skin! I’m so jealous.

3. [+1598, -87] She has no blemishes… so jealous.

4. [+1199, -85] I completely fell for Angel Eye’s Yoon Soo Wan and now I miss her. Goo Hye Sun, I’ll always support you and your high-class beauty. I hope you’re always happy with whatever you choose to do…

5. [+1029, -72] How pretty~! I’ll be awaiting a good project from you!

6. [+156, -30] I wonder if Goo Hye Sun took 300 other selcas just to get that perfect shot too?

7. [+124, -25] As expected of an uljjang.

8. [+106, -11] Just how old do you think she is to still call her beauty “maturing”?

9. [+110, -20] I’m in first year high school and there’s so many kids who look way older than Goo Hye Sun in my class.

10. [+112, -32] A style that most guys like. Her nose and accentuated eyelids.

11. [+77, -16] I don’t have to have all her features. But if I just had her skin…



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