Hyuna cries while talking about her family “it’s hard for my mom to even spend 10,000 won…”


1. [+449, -30] You don’t have to cry like that~ After giving birth to a baby, I realized that growing up well, eating well, and smiling well are being a good child. If my baby is able to live without the worry of money, then it’s more than enough of happiness. Your parents would be happy enough if you say “I love you”, not “I’m sorry”

2. [+415, -40] Hyuna’s tattoo: “my mother is the heart that keeps me alive”

3. [+325, -70] Don’t forget Kangin and Park Bom gusok!!

4. [+36, -5] 4Minute came to an open recording when I was working as a writer. I was surprised because Hyuna was the most well-mannered member in 4Minute. I used to think she would be unpleasant because of her strong image, but Hyuna was the only member who held my hand and thanked for my hard work. Since then, her image has changed as well-mannered. I hope Hyuna continues to succeed~

5. [+32, -5] There must be psychos who are leaving hateful comments here

6. [+27, -4] Hyuna sobbed hard when she was talking to her grandma on the phone on IY

7. [+27, -3] Don’t be too harsh to a young kid, she’s living a hard life. Don’t say such things to someone’s daughter. Hyuna, you’re always cool ^^

8. [+26, -1] You just have to be a good child without doing crimes or drugs. Why worry at such a young age?

9. [+22, -6] This is why we need daughters…

10. [+22, -5] I’m a girl but I like Hyuna… don’t say that she looks like a slut. If you become a celebrity, you’ll choose to have an image like her. Don’t just hate her just because it’s none of your business tsk tsk



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