Instiz: A confession of past celebrities that was even more shocking than Ji Hyun Woo – Yoo Inna

It was 8~9 years ago.

At a Click B concert, Lee Dahee, a secret girlfriend of Oh Jonghyuk, was sitting at the edge of the seats and was watching the concert.

When Click B was done singing and was doing a talk, Oh Jonghyuk said the person he loved was here, and that he wanted to show her to everyone.

Fans thought he was only joking because he usually made a lot of similar jokes.

Suddenly, a stage light flashed to Lee Dahee’s seat. Oh Jonghyuk said “she’s the woman I love” in front of thousands of fans.

Lee Dahee was touched and cried.

The fans got mad and cried. They ran out of the concert.

Imagine how you paid so much to go to a concert of your favorite singer and he ends up using to to surprise his girlfriend.


– Hul I’d feel really hurt… he’s dating Soyeon, right?

– If my singer did that, I’d feel so betrayed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I collected so much money just to get pooped

– This is not a right manner towards his fans, they paid a lot money to go to his concert… I’d also run out of there

– I think I’ll just blankly congratulate them

– After breaking up with her, he dated a fan who was at the concert

– Woah if it was recent, this would’ve been all over the Internet ㅋㅋㅋ



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