The reason why A Pink was named “A Pink”

An event on Nate:

“Naming project for a new girl group: A new girl group in A Cube is planning to debut on March, 2011. We will choose a team name from your comments. We will select 10 people with the best ideas and send their signed CDs. A Cube Entertainment will take the copyrights for the selected team name.”

1. [+2150, -108] name: LAST
reason: To be the last

2. [+475, -22] name: dogs and cows
reason: even dogs and cows can

3. [+446, -23] name: “Gul le” (TN: it means “mop” and “slut”)
reason: girl group legend

4. [+348, -38] name: Go Back
reason: to go back

5. [+260, -20] name: 10bird (TN: it means a bad word in Korean)
reason: if you’re a rookie, you have to leave a strong impression

6. [+237, -4] name: Root √ Pi \pi \!\,
reason: to try hard

7. [+213, -24] name: Dokdo is our land
reason: Because it’s ours

7. [+212, -10] name: 90002 (TN: it means to quit)
reason: to quit

8. [+181, -13] name: By Nate
reason: Because it’s made here

9. [+151, -5] name: Girl Group
reason: to remember easily

10. [+136, -5] name: Mubarak
reason: to last for 30 years like Mubarak

11. [+99, -6] name: Idiot
reason: because they can’t come up with a name of their own

Because the comments were only joking, A Cube decided to go with “A Pink” which they made before


– I think the members could feel hurt if they see it

– This event disappeared shortly after ㅋㅋ

– I laughed when I read these, sorry ㅠㅠ

– I commented on it ㅋㅋㅋ such a memory



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