Taeyang “I made ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips” remembering my ex-girlfriend, I had a painful breakup”


1. [+1718, -95] He was really good with performing live. He was also witty and gentle with the interview. He’s a good man.

2. [+1653, -99] His ex is lucky

3. [+1315, -89] His ex must be regretful ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+1204, -70] Wow… Taeyang’s live is classy

5. [+1027, -55] You’ll find another beautiful love…

6. [+225, -7] Yeah I felt his sadness… I never knew that he could sing this well. This song showed sincerity

7. [+189, -13] He’s at the age to date. I think Taeyang dates cleanly

8. [+190, -15] His ex must’ve been sad if she watched this show… She might’ve cried somewhere

9. [+184, -13] I think he was able to show his emotions well because it’s his experience… I can feel the honesty



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