Pann: The things Hwayoung had done

(Pann criticized Hwayoung’s behavior when she was in T-ara)


1. [+113, -12] The netizens who sexually harass them and tell them to die are wrong. But it can’t help the fact that T-ara and Hwayoung’s images are ruined to this extent. If they were clearly misunderstandings, they should’ve clarified soon but they missed the right timing and are pretending to be pitiful. Unless something happens that completely changes their image, T-ara and Hwayoung will never be liked again. My subjective opinions

2. [+85, -22] The main points are Hyomin’s iljin history and the webcam thing. It doesn’t matter how bad Hwayoung is

3. [+77, -87] Honestly I thought Hwayoung was bullied because she deserved to but her past is getting her more criticized

4. [+51, -60] At first, I believed the bullying proofs and got carried away with the media so I hated T-ara. Then I randomly found a post. It said Hwayoung was excused from a Japanese concert because of her injured leg. The other members were also hurt but still managed to perform. But Hwayoung was actually getting her nails done. I was confused if it was true so I checked a blog that clarified the bullying rumor and I was speechless. The screencaps of Boram at IAC, Hyomin poking Hwayoung’s eye, and Eunjung’s rice cakes were all manipulated. I saw the videos and realized that I was stupid for believing them. Hyomin is promoting these days and whenever I read comments about her, I get frustrated

5. [+26, -3] Even if they’re all true, the public sees Hwayoung as the victim. And their pasts of stripping on a webcam and the sangsoo incident already ruined their image. I think Hwayoung, T-ara, and the boss are all the same.


One thought on “Pann: The things Hwayoung had done

  1. Oh please, you’re so naive. All these girls in the entertainment circle will always try to outdo each other to get ahead. Hwayoung played the game well, the rest of the dumb bitches were just too dumb to play that game. They deserve all the backlash that befall them. Can’t take the heat? Leave the game. Hwayoung will have a future in the industry. The rest of those bitches will probably either need to retire or whore themselves to stay on (Jiyeon and Hyomin comes to mind). The dumbest of them all Boram will be the first one to be forced out into early retirement.

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