‘Music Core’ Comeback Henry’s fantastic violin performance steals the show

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+974, -61] Really love Henry ㅠㅠ So talented and cute

2. [+868, -59] He’s a good singer, I especially loved Trap!! ^^

3. [+619, -56] Daebak, the song is jjang

4. [+565, -49] Henry jjang!!

5. [+518, -42] I have a good feeling about this album!~~ Do well, henry ㅋㅋ

6. [+439, -39] When he was playing the violin, I thought he looked cool even though I’m a man myself

7. [+318, -16] Wow, piano with trap and now violin, he’s got so much talents

8. [+292, -14] Henry matches being a solo way more than in a group. He truly shines now with the way he’s able to express all that he has to offer on stage. All he needs is a stage provided and he’ll captivate the audience with his instruments and skills. He really knows how to play with music. Do well and fighting, Henry.



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