‘Roommate’ had no basic respect for Park Bom or the viewers

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+847, -84] If she continues promoting without being reinvestigated, she along with prosectors are taking the public for fools. Why did another similar case get sentenced to jail but Park Bom was let off easy?

2. [+841, -130] SBS is YG dominated anyway so I knew this would happen. This scandal shed light to the power of YG. They were able to bury G-Dragon’s scandal like this… Never once did a negative article about Bom come up on the main page of portal sites. They kept putting up shield articles but once Segye Ilbo came out with a continuous flow of retorts and their lies were revealed… They’ve now shut their mouths completely and are looking to see how long they can last.

3. [+730, -68] (Summary of Segye Ilbo article saying that Park Bom’s parents knew the drugs were illegal. They had reported it to Yang Hyun Suk to discuss for a solution and confessed to him their decision to smuggle the drugs once they realized the drugs were not purchaseable in Korea. Park Bom’s father also went around Korean doctors asking if his daughter can take amphetamine in Korea so he had known they were already illegal.) Now let’s launch another investigation actually following the rules… Your lies have all been uncovered.

4. [+100, -5] ‘One Night in TV’ cut out all talks about Park Bom and she was not even edited out of ‘Roommate’ ㅋㅋ Look at the power of SBS. Congratulations on hitting 4% in viewer ratings yesterday.

5. [+47, -1] SBS is really pushing YG, eh? Can a public broadcast channel blatantly support YG like this?



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