Pann: Explanations of F(x) Red Light music video

F(x) Red Light MV is Illuminati and Freemasonry-inspired.

1. The red light

These screencaps are the beginning of the MV, where the alarming lights are on. The emergency phone rings and Krystal, with makeup on one eye, is burning a bible-like book.
This scene is representing that the Christianity era is over with the bible burnt, and is entering New World Order, New Age (전시안)

Krystal is wearing a jewelry of women in Hinduism. It shows the start of the New Age (the origin of New Age is Hinduism in India).

The cross on her forehead is not a typical cross, it’s a celtic cross (worship of Sun God)

2. New World Order, NWO

The Illuminati’s worship Lucifer (Satan) and they dream of New World Order. The world is of Horus, the god of Lucifer, which the Illuminati’s worship.

“One eye” is the symbol of Horus.

1:58 in Red Light MV

A pyramid behind the American dollar bill.

Pyramid is one of their symbols. Just like a pyramid, their world is consisted of divided classes. If NWO is formed, the public (Sheeple) get microchipped and get their lives under control, just like slaves.

The chip (verichip) is connected with a computer and it can monitor/control the people’s lives. New World Order is a completely controlled society.

1:45~53 in Red Light MV.
It shows the controlled people after getting the chips implanted in their bodies in NWO.

This is the 666 verichip.
It can be implanted in the body and it can control the person with a computer. The chip is already at a final stage to be able to work.

The bible already states about the 666 verichip in Isaiah 41:10.

3. New World Order, NWO plans

F(x)’s Red Light shows “Ordo Ab Chao – we will make New Order by chaos and destruction”, which is their New World Order plans. The music video shows scenes that remind of wars and destruction, the members in military form, and the lyrics of caterpillar (tank). These are their plans to form the world they dream of.

“Ay ay it’s a red light light. It’s a real situation, we don’t even know what’s wrong.”
“Ay ay it’s a red light light. Listen carefully to the whoever is trying to warn us. Red Light.”
“Ay wait a minute, the weak ones get eaten by the rule of jungle.”
“Only push forward, push forward, oops I get stepped on.”
“Caterpillar, caterpillar, it’s turned on when everything sinks.”

The lyrics are showing that New World Order is coming after the wars and the end of Christian world.

Ordo ab chaos (order out of chaos) – Their unchanging method – to form NWO by wars and destruction

Illuminati and Freemasonry are of the three elite groups.
The first group is TC (Trilateral Commisson) and Lee Myung Bak (Korea’s former president) and Jung Mong Joon.
The second group is CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)
The third group is BB (Bilderberg Conference)

Illuminati and Freemasonry have taken over the government, media, fashion, and everything so their symbols could easily be found in clothings.

Hunger Game is made of the world Illuminati/Freemasonry want.


1. [+145, -14] It’s known that Illuminati is dominating the entertainment industry. F(x)’s concept is obviously showing the fact. EXO’s Overdose MV is the same. To make it simple, Illuminati worships Satan (they strongly agree with homosexuality and agree with the evil in the society). We don’t know if this is all true but if it’s really symbolizing Freemasonry/Illuminati, then it’s very serious. Also Vixx’s Voodoo Doll is like this, too…

2. [+134, -10] Of course, SM ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I knew that SM had strong relevance with Illuminati/Freemasonry but they actually made it so obvious ㅋㅋㅋ Amazing.

3. [+125, -7] I really hate Freemasonry/Illuminati and I’m really scared of it. But it’s said that it’s at the final stage so we can’t even get away from it.

4. [+55, -4] People wouldn’t know these stuff so they’re gonna blindly copy the one eye makeup and say “I thought the song was weird but the most I listen to it, the more I like it~”

5. [+53, -3] If you’re registered to Freemasonry, you worship the devil, spread their belief, and earn popularity and money. They form their puppets so that others will accept their message without avoiding them. The puppets also affect others. If you listen/get a message without realizing it, you’ll follow by their belief… For example, you get $70 for your part-time job and the boss suddenly says he’ll only give you $20. You’ll get very mad, right? But if he makes it seem fair and slowly tempts you with his words until your anger disappears, you’ll just obey him… Especially if you’re young… Just look at how the North Koreans are brainwashed ㅋㅋ Accepting messages without realizing is seriously dangerous.

6. [+51, -2] What’s scary is that the more people get into it, the more it gets accepted and we get brainwashed. I think SM’s Freemasonry reference is too much.

7. [+48, -1] Woah… I’m getting chills… I thought the music video was a bit weird and it didn’t make sense but after reading it, everything seems to make perfect sense ㅠㅠ Goosebumps…

8. [+46, -2] I’m a fan of f(x) and SM and I attend church. I pity the singers so much… There must be some who attend church and they must know what these mean but they’re still being used for this..



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