Instiz: Two idols who were a couple in a same company

Jay Park and Sunye

When they were trainees, they were known as a church couple.
They always went to the church together. When Jaebum didn’t pay attention in the church, Sunye scolded him and told him to be quiet.

Sunye said on Yashim Manman: “When I have a boyfriend, I tend to take care of him. I was checking my boyfriend’s emails and found emails from his ex-girlfriend. I had a fight with him.”

Jaebum on a radio: “I exchanged email accounts with my girlfriend. She found out that I kept emails from my ex-girlfriend so we ended up fighting.”

They were forced to break up because the company’s boss told them to. Their relationship is well-known by both fandoms

Jay’s Cyworld:

“Took this picture while hanging out with Jaemin~”

“Look at the way she laughs ㅋㅋㅋ how cute… looks like a lil bunny”

WG Sunye was a girlfriend of my school friend…
Woah, my friend lived in American until grade 12.
He’s handsome and he has an amazing body because he was into b-boying.
I heard that he’s now a trainee in JYP.
Whenever our school was done, an innocent-looking girl kept coming to our school to see the friend, and the girl is now WG Sunye ㅋㅋㅋ So amazing..
I thought she was Yoobin but apparently I got her name wrong.
I heard that they broke up. Can’t believe that the innocent girl I used to see is an idol now.


– Woah they actually look good together

– I wasn’t sure if this was a rumor or not but I guess it’s true…

– Wow it’s my first time of hearing it

– I heard that they dated but I didn’t hear these insights before

– Why did JYP force them to break up though ㅠㅠ



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