Girl’s Day Yura and Minah’s refreshingly cute teaser pictures released

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+907, -64] The picture looks innocent enough at first but it looks a bit erotic too

2. [+779, -71] Yura has become Girl’s Day’s main now

3. [+615, -59] The girls match these concepts more than sexy

4. [+630, -127] The fact that music’s become something you enjoy with your eyes instead of your ears is…

5. [+490, -60] They really skimped out on the background props. Come on, this is their comeback teaser picture. Spend a bit more.

6. [+365, -44] It looks cute, I like it better than sexy concepts

7. [+342, -43] This is really a teaser picture? What’s up with cheap background?

8. [+315, -124] What is Minah even holding???? Makes me horny…

9. [+214, -49] Yura’s looking a lot prettier now that I know what her personality’s like

10. [+128, -25] If Girl’s Day comes out with a summer album like f(x)’s ‘Hot Summer’, they’ll make such a huge hit



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