Pann: Sulli reveals her abs after losing weight for this comeback


1. [+353, -39] She’s freaking pretty

2. [+352, -1] (TN: irrelevant comment)

3. [+236, -26] She looks like Metal from Galaxy Express 999 ㅋㅋ So pretty. Luna and the other members are all pretty.

4. [+158, -20] I watched the performance and she looked like a doll… I envy her skin ㅠㅠ

5. [+83, -3] Her face even got smaller. But when she gains weight, her face never gains weight. She has a perfect face shape

6. [+71, -16] She’s prettier than Suzy. Don’t attack at my comment.

7. [+65, -10] Yeah Suzy is not even comparable to her ㅋ Suzy looks so ugly when she has a wrong hairstyle so she can’t be compared to Sulli. Sulli is seriously too pretty… I think this comeback is her legendary era… She’ll even get prettier as time passes ㅠㅠ

8. [+59, -5] I think Sulli exercised a lot. Her body looks more healthy. And her tall height makes her body proportions stand out. She’s pretty with a small head and a good skin…



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