Instiz: [Music Core] The system doesn’t seem to have changed much

Producer Park Hyun Seok’s interview

Q: “Are singers now only allowed to use 100% MR?”
(MR is only the instrumental music without vocals and AR is both instrumental and pre-recorded vocals. Some singers even use MRs with some pre-recorded vocals.)

A: “That’s not true. There are many dance singers, so performing with 100% MR is hard. It’s okay to use MR with pre-recorded voices and they can sing on it. Also, they’re allowed to pre-record their performance and air the performance on the live show. But they’re not allowed to lip-sync with MR with pre-recorded voices. At least they should show that they sang the song. They’re strictly banned to lip-sync.”

Q: “There are a lot of dancing singers.”

A: “A lot of singers in our country are dance singers. They’re allowed to bring MR with pre-recorded voices. But they should sing on the stage with efforts. These days, they auto-tune their singing voices, and it makes them get caught because their voices are different from pre-recorded voices. It’s a cheat to make their voices sound good.”


– What’s the difference then…

– What?

– I don’t think anything really changed…?

– I think the producer changed his words ㅋㅋ

– But the idols are still able to lip-sync with pre-recorded voices… Ugh I was anticipating to see 100% live version

– ㅋㅋㅋ What is the producer trying to say?



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