Article: Jung Joon Young “My body weight is a little over 60kg… I’m satisfied”


1. [+3997, -993] Skinny girls are better than fat girls, and it’s the same with guys. Skinny people are better than fat and sweating pigs

2. [+2698, -426] I’m also satisfied… All of people tell me that I should gain weight but I like my slim body ^^

3. [+2525, -369] He’s random and funny but I think he’ll get so much hate by the seniors in the army..

4. [+2168, -301] He’s tall so he makes clothes look good. No wonder why he was a clothing model

5. [+1434, -122] I’m chubby but I don’t want to lose weight even though people tell me to. I like my body and I’m satisfied with it. Love your body and be satisfied with it ~ ❤

6. [+371, -16] As long as it doesn't affect his health, it's fine

7. [+379, -49] He's skinny but he's okay because his face looks lively… Han Min Kwan and Lee Yoon Seok are also skinny but their faces don't look healthy



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