Instiz: JYJ and EXO will not perform together… (they can’t…)


JYJ was confirmed to perform at the finale stage since they became the ambassadors. They recorded the official song, CF, and a music video for overseas promotions. When they were promoting overseas, they told fans that JYJ was going to perform at the finale stage.

But they cancelled JYJ’s finale stage, so the international fans who paid to come to the Incheon Asian games don’t know what to do.

C-Jes’ statement – JYJ was offered and confirmed to perform the finale stage when they were appointed to be the ambassadors, which was a year ago.

Psy, EXO, CNBLUE, and other singers will perform. SM Entertainment is an official sponsor of 2014 Incheon Asian games for disabilities.


– I was so happy because I thought I’d see EXO and JYJ together…..

– What the hell is this???

– They promoted with JYJ and now they’re switching up the singers

– The official ambassadors are not allowed to perform but other SM singers can? I want to destroy SM… What did JYJ do to deserve all this? Ugh how many times do we have to go through this?

– JYJ even delayed their album to go overseas to promote as the ambassadors… It’s too mean, why did they even appoint JYJ as ambassadors in the first place?

– I knew it was gonna end up like this



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