Park Bom gets caught in drug smuggling


1. [+168, -14] Viewpoints of 2014
SM: When will they be caught in a dating scandal?
YG: When will they be on drugs?
JYP: When will they leave the group?

2. [+162, -258] Amphetamines were legally banned in 2012 and Park Bom got them in 2010. I’m not defending her but why are they digging stuff from four years ago when Kim Hyung Sik is currently arrested?

3. [+149, -15] The worst crime of drugs is smuggling. And I’m not sure about other countries, but amphetamines are definitely considered as drugs in Korea. It’s 100% a crime, you can’t defend it at all. We should pay attention to Kim Hyung Sik but it doesn’t mean that we should ignore Park Bom’s case. She can’t even bring up an excuse.

4. [+67, -1] Honestly doesn’t she have to be jailed, not just leaving the industry?

5. [+62, -1] Look at the defending fans… Isn’t drugs a severe crime? Stop bringing up conspiracy theories that the country uses entertainment scandals. National scandals happen all the time.

6. [+51, -0]
Read this article, 2NE1 fans. It wasn’t banned in 2012. If it was, then why did the American get arrested in 2010? He was American and he got the drugs by delivery, which is the same method with Park Bom. He still got arrested. Why didn’t Park Bom? You guys are defending it with the “before 2012” excuse. And in the US, you have to have the prescription to get them, otherwise it’s illegal. If you read the Park Bom articles, she used an old prescription to get them. Is she allowed to use the same prescription and get as many as she wants? Doesn’t make sense. They didn’t even arrest a drug smuggler… Celebrities are seriously special.

7. [+47, -11] Honestly I knew the truth of YG when YG fans were brainwashing as if YG idols were at another level and considered to be “artists”. Look at these YG fans defending her with the excuse of “2012 law”. They’re amazing enough to defend druggies and criminals. GD said he smoked weed because he didn’t know it, does this make sense? If you went to a foreign country, you’d know. You can never confuse the smell of weed and cigarettes. But he thought it was a cigarette? Bullshit. And yet he promoted without a proper reflecting time but the fans defended him and said he reflected enough and that it was a mistake. When did GD reflect? Stop defending criminals, it’s scary

8. [+46, -2] It’s more than a scandal, she should be thrown into jail ㅋㅋ YG fangirls who are defending from crimes need to stop. A crime is a crime, it can’t be defended. YG’s media-play and their manipulated comments are preventing them from getting much hate. They’re even getting less hate than idols with dating scandals ㅋㅋㅋ They’re the best at controlling the media

9. [+44, -2] Woah stop defending it. You’re sentenced to death if you smuggle drugs in China. Everybody knows that amphetamines are drugs, what do you mean she didn’t know it? Smuggling drugs is worse than doing drugs. In some countries, only drug smugglers get arrested, not the ones doing drugs. Druggies don’t do drugs by themselves, they always recommend it to others. It wouldn’t be a problem if they do drugs alone but they don’t. 80 sets can spread to 80 people and it can ruin 80 lives. And those 80 people will also spread it. Drugs work like a pyramid and it can ruin a family and a whole country. This is why it’s a severe crime and even more severe than a murder. Defend what you can defend. How can that young bitch smuggle drugs so shamelessly?



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