Instiz: [Exclusive] MBC “‘lip-sync idols’ will be out of the stages”

MBC will not allow idols to perform with AR (all recorded). They’ll even ban MR (music recorded) with voices added.

Music Core producer Park Hyun Seok said,

“Those who don’t sing on the stage are not ready to be singers.
We will strictly check the MRs that the companies give us and make lip-syncers disappear.”

“Sometimes, idols only sing 10%~20%. And they play the recorded version so the audience thinks they sing live. This is looking down at the public”

“The current trend is “real music”, but the singers are too divided. Those who sing live always sing and those who don’t sing never sing. Even if they have a big performance, they still need to satisfy the public with singing and rapping.”


– Wow MBC

– It’s good… and SM needs to wake up

– But YG is still not gonna be on

– EXO let’s sing live!!!!

– I think it’ll cause a lot of broadcast accidents ㅋㅋ

– I don’t think much idols lip-sync these days… except SM



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