Sooyoung lands lead role in upcoming MBC drama

Article: [Exclusive] Soshi Sooyoung lands female lead in ‘Spring Days of my Life’… first public broadcast drama

Source: News 24 via Naver

1. [+972, -49] ?…. Mm..?

2. [+945, -53] Ah, please… ㅡㅡ

3. [+785, -48] Power of SM

4. [+595, -72] Wow!! SM, I look up to you!! ^^

5. [+540, -59] She should star in a drama with Jung Kyung Ho… she lacks chemistry with male actors.

6. [+282, -23] Honestly, she lacks so much visuals. If she lands any role at all, it shouldn’t be a leading role but the lead role’s friend from South East Asia… Her visuals lack so much, who would watch her? I vote that this drama will fail severely.

7. [+260, -26] Do we really lack actresses in Korea ㅡㅡ A kid like her is a lead, man…

8. [+262, -33] Even Yoona’s dramas fail, how is Sooyoung going to manage a lead ㅋ

9. [+232, -30] Don’t want to watch…

10. [+214, -21] Public broadcast???????



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