Pann: Summary of today’s Inkigayo incident + mad members

Today, June 28, 400 Inspirits were selected to come to today’s Inkigayo.
The 400 fans came to today’s pre-recording.
And then they only accepted 170 fans and the other 230 fans were told to go back home.
Their reason for that wasn’t clear.

Infinite members tweeted:


Woohyun: “What did Inspirits do wrong when they were waiting since morning?”
Sunggyu: “I agree”
Sungyeol: “I’m sorry”
Woohyun: “I’ll try to make a way to meet you guys after Inkigayo is done. I’m sorry”

A picture of Woohyun looking at the fans who couldn’t get in

Fans’ comments:

– It’s my first time seeing Woohyun talking like that and also the first time of Infinite members being mad on Twitter… ㅠㅠ I feel bad and mad because SBS always treats us like this
– Inspirits would know that Woohyun never talks like that. I can tell he’s very mad

The members bought rice burgers and promised to buy meat later. Sungjong apologized a fansite admin and held her hands. Sungyeol was going to greet the fans in the middle of the recording but the staff stopped him

The fans who were cut ended up crying and Sungjong also cried. The fans were yelling so the staff went to them and told them to be quiet. Dongwoo then came and comforted them.


1. [+182, -7] Does SBS have bad feelings towards Infinite since the last year’s Gayo Daejun? I’m not their fan but I like Infinite. It makes me sad

2. [+174, -15] I’m not their fan but Infinite really loves their fans ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+156, -7] Of course SBS ^^ We’re easy to target, right? Woohyun never gets mad but… I think Infinite members hate their fans getting hurt more than themselves getting hurt

4. [+78, -1] Inspirit’s love Go PD’s tweet

“There are fans, there are singers, and there is a responsibility for the broadcast to respect them all”

5. [+60, -1] Woolim apologized… What did Infinite and Woolim do wrong

“On the day, the recording schedule was suddenly changed, so a lot of fans weren’t able to attend it. We’re sorry for not being able to announce it earlier.”



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