Actor Jung Kyung-ho flustered over Girls’ Generation question

Actor Jung Kyung-ho, who is currently dating Girls’ Generation member SooYoung, was disconcerted when an unexpected question about the girl group came up on an episode of SBS variety show “Law of the City.”

In the episode broadcast on Wednesday, Jung and Ailee are trying to find a job with the help of their manager, Anthony.

Anthony is really interested in Korean culture and is even a Girls’ Generation fan. When Ailee said, “I am friends with Tiffany,” he responds, “Really?”

Jung was flustered when the topic of Girls’ Generation came up. After finding out Ailee was friends with the group, Anthony asked Jung, “Are you friends with them too? You didn’t get into the band, though?”

“Why should I be part of the group?” Jung responded.

Anthony then asked back “You don’t like girls?”

The conversation entertained viewers because Anthony did not know the romantic relationship between Jung and SooYoung.

credit: By Grace Cho, Intern reporter (

[Photo Credit: SBS]


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