Fans compare Sohee and SNSD’s popularities


1. [+198, -10] SNSD? When I was in elementary school, the trend was Tell Me

2. [+186, -24] Sohee was the best. All of other WG members and SNSD members combined couldn’t even reach the tip of Sohee’s toe. Do middle school students know about it?

3. [+151, -27] Really agreed. 2007~9’s Nation’s little sister was Sohee and 2010~current’s Nations’ little sister is Suzy

4. [+78, -6] SNSD wouldn’t have gotten popular if JYP didn’t send Wonder Girls to America. SNSD couldn’t be in the spotlight when WG was promoting in Korea. Honestly SNSD is thanking JYP while Wonder Girls is hating JYP.

5. [+52, -7] Didn’t SNSD rob an empty house ㅋㅋㅋ SNSD would’ve been a level of 4Minute if Wonder Girls didn’t go to America

6. [+46, -3] Sohee was on Come To Play to promote a movie and the viewer ratings skyrocketed ㅋㅋ I thanked Sohee because I was a fan of Yoo God.

7. [+41, -0] Current model of Vita500 is Suzy and Sohee would’ve been the previous model

8. [+40, -1] The legendary days of music shows were when Bigbang and Wonder Girls had joint stages ㅋㅋ I miss them

9. [+37, -1] There were many parodies of Omona. Such memories..

10. [+37, -1] Seriously SNSD’s legendary era could never be the same with WG’s era. Tell Me, Nobody and So Hot were all Nation’s hit songs. Tell Me was the best among them…



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