Kim Woo-bin’s handwritten letter revealed

Actor Kim Woo-bin’s handwritten letter that he wrote during high school was revealed and became the online topic of the day.

A number of Kim Woo-bin’s handwritten letter posts are seen on online community message boards.

online community

The content of the letter signed by his real name, Kim Hyun-joong, caught people’s attention as it shows his passion for learning English conversation and increasing his weight to become a model.

The letter’s receiver, Kim’s high school teacher, revealed the letter on his blog and it quickly spread through online communities.

“I was very sure that he would become successful in one or two years. To me, Kim is the hardest working model,” said his teacher.

His high school teacher told would-be models, “Kim had great energy, which led him to become successful and all of his classmates also succeeded. I hope you live every single day of your life for your dream and become successful.”

credit: By Grace Cho, Intern reporter (

[Photo Credit: OSEN]


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