Luhan stresses over sasaengs

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+7,429, -336] For a caring and careful kid like Luhan to say that… Sasaengs really must be hopeless~

2. [+6,887, -144] Can’t we make a law about sasaengs? Before companies worry over their singer’s images, take care of their basic rights and take legal action. No one will criticize anyone who throws sasaengs in jail.

3. [+5,400, -168] How hard it must’ve been for him to even put up a picture like that. Sasaengs, stop. Don’t you feel sorry for them?

4. [+4,083, -320] Sorry we can’t protect you…

5. [+723, -68] Amazing when there are so many sasaengs stuck to them like stalkers and Baekhyun still managed to date….. He deserves an award.

Source: Nate

1. [+244, -25] For a kid who’s been quiet all this time no matter how bad sasaengs got to finally speak up now means that they really must’ve crossed a line this time. To all the people saying he should quit being a celebrity if he can’t handle it, please realize that what sasaengs are doing is a crime that shouldn’t exist at all;

2. [+220, -18] Sasaengs are not fans. Imagine a stalker following you around for 24 hours.. I bet none of you could last a day. Idols have to put up with a lot but I don’t think sasaengs should be one of them. Sasaengs, please stop.

3. [+198, -20] He’s obviously not talking about fans but sasaengs..



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