Pann: This explains the dating scandal

The thing we’re butthurt is not about the fact that Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating, but it’s that they were using their fans for their relationship. We’re not mad about them hiding their relationship, they were calling each other on their SNS, writing EXO as ㅌㅇ, and he was the one who said he won’t date until he’s 35 but he’s the first member to be caught in a dating scandal.

They confirmed their relationship so the Inkigayo attutude controversy was true, so they deserve criticisms for that. Another thing is that while the fans were suffering Wu Yifan’s lawsuit, he was going on a date in an open car and was laughing. Lastly, he has a lot of controversies like Mentholatum, underage drinking, autistic person, and etc but now he’s caught in a dating scandal. This is why we’re mad. We’re not like “Baekhyun is too good for Taeyeon, they need to break up”

Two young people are dating, why should we stop them? This is not the point. We’re upset with Baekhyun’s attitude to fans. We wouldn’t have been mad if Baekhyun was a clean person in the first place.


1. [+274, -258] I wish EXO flops

2. [+216, -3] I seriously agree… Do they really think we’re complaining about them dating? He thinks fans are stupid

3. [+168, -12] Ah seriously ㅋㅋ Really agreed. I just hate both of them

4. [+46, -2] I’m an EXO fan but I just wish EXO would flop. They’re always on their phones, Instagram and showing off their driver licenses. Joonmyun is the only one who doesn’t have an Insta and a driving license. At a fansign, a fan asked him why he wasn’t on Insta and he made a complicated face and asked the fan if she wanted him to have one. The fan told him that she wanted to see him on it and he thought for a minute and said he’ll think about it. The only trustful one is the leader…

5. [+46, -2] Good people get praises than criticisms for sure, like Tiffany, Nickhun, Yoona, and Seunggi.

6. [+38, -0] I heard that Baekhyun and Jongdae had the same training time but Baekhyun is doing all this bullshit alone ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ This is the difference, tsk tsk


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