Pann: Taeng Koong whom Baekhyun fell for

1. [+408, -32] So you were on a date when Wu Yifan was leaving and re-arranging the concert. Are you 35 years old? EXO is about to flop because of your thoughtless statement

2. [+357, -80] Why does it have to be EXO… Baekhyun you asshole, do you think it’s time for you to be dating? Your group is already screwed. Let’s see what the cockroach fans will say

3. [+309, -10] They were hinting it since months ago, tsk tsk

A flower picture she posted on Baekhyun’s birthday “The flower’s birthday is May 6… Amazing… you were hinting it with a lot of efford!”

4. [+159, -2] “ㅌ×ㅇ” is so shocking. I see that he wanted to show off but using his group’s name… Suho-ya, find strength. So many controversies, ugh

5. [+145, -8] Honestly I think Byun Baekhyun is so-so as a person. Whenever I saw him on TV shows and radios, he looked fake… He fakes so much as if he knows everything. Honestly everything he says to his fans are lies, aren’t they? He had someone else already… He thinks of his fans as a method… The wisest thing to do is not to spend any money on celebrities.

6. [+145, -6] I’m honestly curious. Celebrities don’t want to publicize their relationships but why were they hinting it? Celebs think people are idiots ㅋㅋㅋㅋ



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