Instiz: Words that piss of fandoms

EXO – Voting

Block B – Corruption

IU – Visiting the sick

T-ara – webcam

Infinite – Coward

Shinee – Bling bling

JYJ – Crime (TN: “J” sounds like “crime” in Korean)


Super Junior – gusok (arrest)

SNSD – nurse

Teen Top – daughter

B1A4 – receipt
Beast – Recycle

ZE:A – strawberries

Dal Shabet – fairytale book

Bigbang – towel

2PM – living thing

Wonder Girls – America

B.A.P – frog


– I only know some of them…

– Bling bling is Jonghyun~

– Receipt… It’s really pissing me off

– But for the Dal Shabet’s fairytale book, the author clearly stated that she didn’t want them to use the name. I was really disappointed with Dal Shabet

– Infinite’s “coward” is about L’s ex-girlfriend……

– Ugh I hate “crime”. Those antis.

– Ah… Minho has been getting criticized for six years because of that… You’ll really piss off Shinee fans if you talk about that

– When Block B’s Thailand scandal happened, people called them “Corrupted B”

– Fans gave ZE:A strawberries but the members threw it away

– H is about H Yoojin’s rap, right?

– Taeyeon’s statement about nurses ㅠㅠ

– SJ fans can relate to “vising the sick”, too

– I even got a receipt trauma because of B1A4 issue. I hate the word “receipt”

– B.A.P was criticized for flushing down a frog

– After Jay Park left 2PM, Wooyoung said something like “living thing” in a conference

– Teen Top’s leader badmouthed about daughters


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