I was young then. I couldn’t actually be serious.
it didn’t matter who it was then, everyone seemed easy
I was silly. to you. baby. I know I was too careless

I can have that love whenever I want
you saved me who was in that misunderstanding
at that time i, i was so young. Was it that I got attracted to you,
like a magic? Is that it?

* this road that i was walking down with you, the kiss i shared with you for the first time
that one shaky feeling pierced my heart, and got stuck
i got you baby. I can’t do anything now. it’s okay
if i only look at you
I’m a slave that got imprisoned inside the rules i created for myself

I can’t lead as i wanted
It wasn’t me who put a spell on you

i feel those things when i look at you, something amusing
when i come in and fill you in, something just feels perfect
you make me shine and get good things to happen

wherever i go, whoever i meet, whatever i eat,
i think of you. what should i do?
what do you mean to me? are you an absolute thing?
like the death comes from not breathing?


It’s not like hiding my only secret
Not like I kept that possibility open

the moment i put my hands out first, i felt like luck touched me first
this might be that “one over million possibility” kind of magic, really
matching my footsteps, we look at each other, kiss each other
you look so pretty
baby you change me

On this street that i walked with you…

come put a spell on me abracadabra
everything will be achieved as you wish abracadabra
if you really want me now abracadabra
will you control me all you want? abracadabra



surisurimasuri susuri saba
geu ttaen eoryeossji, aju soljikhi jinjihaji moshaessji.
geu ttaen nugurado sanggwaneopsdan mariji modu swiwo boyeosseo.
I wat silly. To you, baby. naega neomu gyeongsolhaessdeon geosdo ara.
surisurimasuri susuri saba

geukkat sarangjjeumiya naega wonhamyeon eonjedeun gajil su isseo.
geureon chakgak soge gipi ppajyeoissdeon nareul guhaessji.
At that time I, I wat so young mabeopcheoreom nege
ikkeullyeossdeon geolkka? geureolkka?

*neowa hamkke geotdeon gil neowa cheoeum nanwossdeon Kiss
dan han beonui tteollimi nae simjangeul tdulheo bakhyeobeoryeosseo.
I got you baby ijen eojjeol su eopsneun, neomaneul
baraboneun naega doeeodo gwaenchanha.
nae seuseuro mandeun rule e gathyeobeorin noye.

hajiman nae tteusdaero rideuhan geosdo anin, geosdo anin
maryeoge ppajin naega naega doen geosdo anin, geosdo

nan neol bomyeon geureon geol neukkyeo mwonga bindeushaji singihan jeomeun marya.
naega deureoga chaewojumyeon geu ttaen wanbyeokhan neukkim.
neon nal bicci nage haejugo joheun ilman gyesokdoel geot gata.
surisurimasuri susuri

naega eodil gadeun nugul mannadeun masissneun geol tto meogeul ttaedo
neoman saenggakna michigesseo nan ijen eotteokhae?
neoneun naege eotteon uimiilkka jeoldaejeogin neoilkka
sumeul swiji moshamyeon jukneun geoscheoreom
surisuri surisuri


hanaui bimilmajeo sumgyeodun geosdo anin, geosdo anin
hoksina ganeungseongeul yeoreodun geosdo anin, geosdo anin

naega meonjeo soneul naemin geu sungan, haenguni nal manjin geosman gata.
subaekman bunui iriran hwakryul igeon mabeobilji molla. jeongmal
nawa bareul majchugo nuneul majchugo ibeul majchuneun
nega neomu yeppeo cheolbuji gatdeon eorin nal.
baby, you change me.

neowa hamkke geotdeon gil.

eoseo naege jumuneul georeobwa. surisurimasuri susuri saba
ne tteusdaero modu modu irwojil geoya. surisurimasuri susuri saba
jigeum jeongmal nareul nega wonhandamyeon surisurimasuri susuri saba
ne tteusdaero nareul mamkkeot umjigyeojullae? surisurimasuri susuri


surisurimasuri susuri saba


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