The Most Shocking Issues of 2013 – Part 2

Se7en and Sangchu Visit a Massage Parlor
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Rain’s sweet army romance caused an explosive butterfly effect. SBS’ “Scene 21” was investigating the celebrity soldier situation in the area, and Se7en and Sangchu were caught exiting a massage parlor. They had barely been enlisted for 3 months at this time. They claimed that the two were looking for a massage parlor due to general health concerns, and that’s why they ended up in a shop that had bright flashing neon lights. Although they did come out quickly enough, the issue was the fact that they had stepped foot into the shop in the first place.

Eventually the celebrity soldier division was abolished. The two were given punishment for their actions.

Seo Taiji’s Wife Lee Eun Sung
The all popular Seo Taiji held a secret wedding ceremony with talent Lee Eun Sung on June 26th in Seoul. Although it was a completely private event, he revealed this fact directly to his fans. He let them know this critical information before any news source wrote about it. He even wrote a tender letters to his fans.
The fact that Seo Taiji’s wife is Lee Eun Sung was a huge deal not only in the music world, but also in the movie industry as well. Lee Eun Sung, who was in her prime, career-wise, suddenly disappeared from the scene. When the news of her wedding came to light, people readily understood exactly what had happened to this talented actress.
E-Sens, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, and Simon D Rap Diss
Fights are always entertaining to watch, even more so when it’s a rap dissing battle between popular rappers. Hip hop singers battled it out in dissing each other through the lyrics in their songs. There were issues between E-Sens and his previous agency, and even artists in that agency. E-Sens didn’t hold back and said everything he wanted to, and Gaeko and Simon D weren’t one to stay quiet. It soon blew up into an explosive issue.
But as with everything else, when fights are prolonged, they get boring. Fans soon grew weary of the dissing battle, and E-Sens didn’t release another song after his second attack.
f(x) Sulli’s Relationship Scandal
IU and Eunhyuk unwittingly put themselves in the middle of a scandal with their selca photo. There was talk of Suzy and Sungjoon when they were spotted being friendly with one another. However, both cases were not as big a deal as with Sulli’s relationship scandal. That’s because her scandal involved Dynamic Duo’s Choiza. The 30 year old male fans had their hearts pounding.
Despite having a 14-year age difference between the two, the couple was seen walking hand in hand down the street. They were then spotted sharing a meal together at a restaurant. Male fans cried out in disbelief, “I can handle losing Sulli to a male idol, but it’s weird to lose her to another man my age!”



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