Kyuhyun Brings SM Rookies Seulgi To The Attention of Net Users

Many of the fans are saying that Kyuhyun is quite in like with the SM trainee Seulgi. She was featured for her very fresh and charming look as well as her vocal. The trainee has been the center of attention by many of the Super Junior fans since she is being linked to Kyuhyun due to his praises of her.

After an article came out linking the two together, Kyuhyun responds with, “Sigh… You made me log into twitter.. The news article titles.. it isn’t rightㅜㅜ She’s not something like ‘my girl’.. I’m just an average sunbae that wishes they will do well! Anyways SM ROOKIES? Seulgi, Jeno, Taeyong. I hope you become a romance of not one, but all. Warm ending kk” hoping that Seulgi doesn’t fall victim to rumors even before the beginning of her career.
Fans have been saying: “For me she looks like Dara and Sohee”
“And a bit of Kim Yuna as well haha she’s pretty.”
“She’s pretty and I saw her youtube video and she’s good at singing! I know people say SM only chooses looks but I feel like they choose people with the looks and the talents. there are actually really talented people in sm who are also attractive but idk why people can’t see this. do their looks overshadow their talent?”
“She doesn’t look plastic and is pretty in a girl next door type of way haha. I don’t know anything about her talent but I guess I’ll assume SM trained her in singing. gg”
Many are already wishing her well and hope to see her on the big screen soon!



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