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131109 MBC ‘Idol True Colors’ with Zhou Mi [Full]

Q (for Fei): When you’re 50, how do you think you’ll look?
Zhou Mi: Won’t you look the same? Because you look 50 right now, right? (laughs) Just kidding.

Zhou Mi says that whatever Fei and Jia will make for him, he’ll eat.

Today’s special food is Cup Noodles!

Zhou Mi said that Zhang Liyin, when asked what she eats in Korea, said she eats ramen…

Zhou Mi asked Tao and Lu Han what EXO are busy with right now; they said they are busy preparing their next album.

Tasty said their album will have a Chinese version. Zhou MI says he knows that Tasty has a lot of fans in China, so it’s good that Tasty can release music for their Chinese fans.

Zhou Mi says that being with Kris and Lay in the studio feels different, because usually everyone gets together to eat or have coffee.

Zhou Mi asked if Fei and Jia have met Kris and Lay a lot before. Jia said she’s met Kris before, but not Lay.

Zhou Mi said that when he heard of Lay, he thought “Lay? Where are you tired (lei; a pun on Lay’s name)?”

Zhou Mi: The first question (for Kris and Lay) is, “In the boys’ dorm, who behaves strangely most often?”
Fei: The fans will be really curious.
Lay: Well, you say it.
Kris: I say it?
Zhou Mi: You guys can betray each other, because the others aren’t here.
Lay: I think the two of us are pretty normal.
Kris: Am I normal?
Lay: I think you’re pretty normal.
Jia: So it’s Tao, then, isn’t it?
Kris: Right, it’s Tao. Tao isn’t weird, necessarily, but he’s rather playful.
Zhou Mi: Likes to joke around.
Fei: What would you say was his strangest action?
Kris: Before, he’d ask us to shower with him.

Zhou Mi said that when Kris and Tao shared a room, Tao once texted him, “Ge, I’m unpacking right now.” Zhou Mi replied, “Oh, then unpack it well.” Tao then told him that his and Kris’s belongings were all in one suitcase.
Kris: Actually, don’t think about it too much. Actually, we…
Lay: It’s because of issues with the rooms.
Zhou Mi: You’re also sharing a room at the dorms.
Lay: Right, right now we…
Kris: The luggage, it’s just because two people share one suitcase. For everyone, two people have to share one suitcase. There are too many suitcases, so we can’t take them all. Everyone, please don’t think about it too much.

Zhou Mi said that while they were preparing for promotions, they had to learn a lot of tongue twisters, but they’re very hard for him.

Translated by: @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi


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