[NEWS] 131106 From Bong Jun Ho to Kim Eun Hee, why are the great masters choosing Park Yuchun?

It is time to remove the tag “idol-born” before Park Yuchun’s name.
Once a top singer who was active across national borders, when Park Yuchun took up the challenge of acting, many people were prejudiced against him. However, with the successful debut of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, and after acting in ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Missing You’, he has firmly secured his position as an actor.
Putting aside viewership ratings and public reaction, there is another reason why Park Yuchun’s name is mentioned repeatedly. It is because they who are called “the great masters” have selected him one after another.
Park Yuchun, who has worked with core writers like Lee Hee Myung and Moon Hee Jung, received an invitation from Kim Eun Hee, the writer of the new SBS Wed/Thurs drama ‘Three Days’ (directed by Shin Kyung Soo) which will start at the beginning of next year. The writer of masterpieces like ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost’, Kim Eun Hee is the number one person for Korean-style dramas. She has never based her casting choice solely on public popularity but instead chooses serious actors with solid acting. As such, Park Shin Yang was casted for ‘Sign’ and So Ji Sub for ‘Ghost’.
There is special meaning in the fact that she chose Park Yuchun to be the lead character in her suspense drama surrounding a presidential assassination. It is equivalent to her acknowledgment of him as an actor who has been recognised for his acting skills.
Chungmuro also saw the real value of Park Yuchun. The acting that is on the big screen has to be different because of the level of concentration and immersion of the audience. If there is just one wrong detail, it will spoil the feeling for the audience. That is why actors have to tighten every cell in their bodies for acting.
Bong Jun Ho who is often called “Bong-details” due to his love for precise details, casted Park Yuchun in his movie ‘Sea Fog’. It is directed by Shim Sung Bo who was the scriptwriter for ‘Memories of Murder’ that made Bong Jun Ho rise to fame as a director. The two of them are known to look at actors with excellent vision and are also very picky. Casting Park Yuchun means they have observed that, compared to his current value, he has more potential that can be drawn out by their directing skills.
A personnel from the film industry said, “There are few young actors who are very good right from the start. Because they are still growing, their potential is more important. It can be said that Bong Jun Ho and others like him saw Park Yuchun’s potential and that is why there are high expectations for his big screen debut ‘Sea Fog’.
Source: Sports Hankooki
Kor-Chin Credits: Sally_2002 + 暖日呀呀
Translated by: Christie
Shared by: JYJ3



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