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Trot Legend Bang Shil Yi Reveals That Super Junior Visited Her Frequently In The Hospital

They say the true mark of a friend is how they treat you at your lowest moment.

Back in 2007, when celebrated trot singer Bang Shil Yi was hospitalized after suffering a stroke known as a cerebral infarction and was found to have both high blood pressure and diabetes, the members of Super Junior took the time to show exactly how much they valued her friendship.

“The Super Junior members came to the hospital the most [of any other artist] and gave me a lot of strength,” Bang Shil Yi said Monday on the Seoul Broadcasting System program “Good Morning.”
“So I watched them sing on TV and we kept in touch through the phone.”

Bang first met the K-pop boy band when their record label SM Entertainment decided to form a new sub-unit focusing on trot music in 2007 called Super Junior-T.

Super Junior-T covered one of Bang’s songs.

eNEWS reader and Super Junior fan AznJen96 isn’t shocked in the least at the band members’ outpouring of kindness.

“I’m not surprised. Of course Super Junior would visit a lot,” she wrote on the website on Tuesday.

AznJen believes the singers could relate to the health problems Bang faced, considering Super Junior-T was forced into hiatus in 2008, after members Leeteuk, Shindong, and Eunhyuk were in a car accident.

“They have very high respect for their seniors,” she wrote.

“Also they know what is like to suffer something terrible and be in the hospital for a long time. Super Junior is truly the most warm-hearted idols, this is one reason why I love them.”

Bang’s “Good Morning” interview was her first television appearance in seven years.

When asked how she passed her time during so many years of being bed-ridden, the trot singer said that although music variety show weren’t her first choice of viewing matter, the extra time eventually allowed her to keep up with the popular music scene.

“I started watching dramas, then variety shows, and finally music programs. I watched a lot of my [younger fellow artists] perform on the stage,” she said.



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