[LIST] 6 Korean Drama Actors Who Are Real-Life Heirs

Obviously many kdrama stars began life with the advantage of good genes for looks and talent but a few also had the good luck to be born into wealthy families.

Here are a few that have money to fall back on if they decide they don’t want to act any more.

Jung Il Woo, who won hearts in “The Moon Embracing The Sun,” Flower Boy Ramen Shop and “49 Days,” is also well connected and not just because he’s best friends with Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. His mom is the chief of Textiles Research Lab at Korea University and an award-winning expert in art history. His grandfather is the director of a hospital in Korea and his father is the director of a Kendo Academy. Jung Il-woo studied broadcasting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Phillip Lee played the stunt instructor in “Secret Garden” and dropped out of his last drama “Faith: The Great Doctor” after sustaining an eye injury. There has been no word on how he’s doing but he will at least be able to pay the rent while he’s recovering. The actor, whose birth name is Lee Kwang Hoon, was born to Korean parents living in the U.S. His dad, Simon S. Lee, started the Virginia-based company STG. Inc., which now takes in over $200 million annually. Simon S. Lee donated a cool million to George Washington University to fund a student exchange program with Korea University. Also, should Phillip quit his day job he has a master’s degree in engineering that looks good on a resume.

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon began his career as an idol but already has snagged roles in several dramas including “The King of Dramas,” “Athena Goddess of War” and “Oh My Lady.” And his family has money. His father was the CEO at Boryung Medience Co. before becoming an adjunct professor at Sungkonghoe University. However there is still plenty of money to inherit. The family owns the Hyundai Department store, which generates profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Kang Dong Won who appears in the film “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” is the son of Kang Chul Woo, the vice-president of SPP Heavy Industries, one of the world’s biggest shipping companies. He’s no slouch, academically, either having graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Hanyang University.

Lee Seo Jin, who appeared in the dramas “Damo,” “Yi San” and “Phoenix,” comes from a very influential family. His grandfather was the first governor of Seoul Bank and his dad was a former treasury director. He also knows a lot about money, having a business management degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business. He has not been in dramas lately because he is now managing director of the global contents division of Ask Veritas Assets Management.

2PM’s Nickhun is only branching into acting. He had a cameo in “Dream High” and is currently filming “One And A Half Summers” in China. But if 2PM should disband and acting jobs dry up, he can always ask his mom for cash. She is the CEO of the pharmaceutical company Union Medical, which has profits of over $6 million a year. Nickhun grew up in California and attended a very elite school in New Zealand.



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