[LIST] 10 Male K-Pop Songs That Should Have Been Promoted

When Kpop idols release new songs, people usually only pay attention to the songs that get promoted, which are mostly title tracks and singles. However, many other great songs get lost in the album that most people don’t purchase. To save you all the time it would take to go through every single song from every album to find the good songs, here are some great tracks that I thought deserve more attention.

First up is EXO’s “Heart Attack” from their newest album, XOXO. I would love to see them come up with a dance to this track since it has a nice beat and catchy chorus. If this were a song they were promoting, I’ll bet the live performances would have been amazing!
Korean version

SHINee’s “Love Still Goes On” is one of my favorites from the Lucifer album. Although I agree that “Lucifer” was the best choice for the title track, this song would have made a great single. It is just as catchy and upbeat as SHINee’s other songs like “Juliette” and “Amigo.”

Teen Top’s “So Sweet” from the No. 1 album is a great party song, and I think fans would love hearing it live. The track already has a background of audience cheering, so it would just boost the energy of a live audience and enhance the performance.

B1A4’s “You Are My Girl” from the Ignition album is another song I would love to listen to at a concert. To my knowledge, they have performed this on stage only a few times, but I think it would have done really well as a title track. Just listening to it makes me want to dance along.

Beast’s “Though I Call” from the Fiction album is not an upbeat song like the last three, but it features the vocals of the group, which is something that tends to get overshadowed when the only things the fangirls focus on is their dancing and good looks in their title tracks such as “Beautiful Night” and “Shock.” Promoting this song would be good for promoting their voices.

When I first heard BAP’s “Coma” from the One Shot EP, I thought it sounded like it could be a song in a drama. It is very mysterious and dramatic, like its title, and once again, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo do a terrific job with the rapping.

UKISS’s “Everyday” from Bran New Kiss EP is a song that tends to get stuck in my head often because of the catchy line in the chorus “e-e-e-everyday.” If they were to perform this more at concerts and make a music video, I’m sure it would be very well known since it would get stuck in everyone’s heads.

Super Junior’s “L.O.V.E” from their debut album Super Junior 05 brings me back to the time when I first started listening to Kpop. As a song from 2005, it still sounds pretty good in terms of what’s popular now.

Although we haven’t heard much from Block B since the scandal with their rude remarks about the Thailand floods, Block B’s “Action” from Welcome to the Block EP would have been a good song for them to sing live. They must have known it was a catchy song too since they released a remix of it in the repackaged version as well.

Infinite’s “Shot” from the Inspirit single sounds very similar to their other title songs such as “The Chaser” and “Before the Dawn”, so I think it would do just as well as they did. Since it was only in a single album, it got overlooked because the two other songs in the single, “Nothing’s Over” and “Can You Smile”, were the ones that got promoted.
Source: ningin


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