[LIST] 10 Female K-Pop Songs That Should Have Been Promoted

We’re back with another 10 Kpop songs that would have been well accepted by fans if they were only given a bit more attention, but this time let’s take a look at some songs by girl groups.

Wonder Girls’ “Me, In” from their Wonder World album would have been a great title track for the album instead of “Be My Baby.” Sure, people might have liked “Be My Baby” because it was so similar to the extremely popular “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, but “Me, In” would have been a cooler concept for them to use since it’s so different from what they’ve done before. In fact, wasn’t their teaser featuring this song too?

Sistar’s “Summer Time” from their recent Give It to Me album would have been a popular summer song, since it was released in the summer, and it is great for jamming to in this hot weather. They could easily have made a music video for this song featuring the girls in bikinis that would have garnered a lot of attention from male fans.

SNSD’s “Baby Maybe” from their I Got a Boy album is a cute and uplifting songs that fans would love to hear live, especially with its lyrics that would engage the audience, “Put your hands up if you feel like this.”

IU’s “Heart Beating Date” from the IU…IM album is a really cute song, just like “Marshmallow” and since she suits the cute image so well, I’m sure she would have made the performances super cute as well. A lot of girls who listen to this song would also probably be able to connect with the lyrics.

2NE1’s “Love is Ouch” from their To Anyone album strays from their usual tough girl act and has more of a gentler, calmer feel to it. It would be nice to see them try performing this kind of style for a change.

4minute’s “Gimme That” from the Name is 4Minute EP reminds me a bit of “Huh,” which was a pretty good song so I think this song would be really popular too. To be honest, I don’t really like their title song, “What’s My Name,” and any other song from the EP would be better for promoting.

f(x)’s “So Into You” from the Pinnochio album is a very sweet song that I would like to see them sing live, since it is different from the usual dance-pop that they do. They have yet to have a song of this style as a title song, and this would be perfect since it features their vocals nicely and all the members have a singing part in the song. This is also my favorite track in the album!

Miss A’s “Break It” from the A Class album is a very catchy song that they danced to the beginning of for their debut, but I would like to see them do a performance of the full song.

BoA’s “Did Ya” from her English album, BoA, is one of my favorite songs from that album. I loved it the first time I heard it, as I’m sure many other fans would have as well if they had gotten a chance to hear it.

As one of the more underrated groups, I thought I should include SPICA as well. The track “Anger” from the Russian Roulette EP is more mellow than the other tracks on this list, but it is a song that features their powerful vocals and has an enchanting feel to it that would capture the audience’s attention. Being able to hear this live would definitely have been epic.

Source: ningin


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