130724 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

Holding his bag with one hand, he walked in slowly and realized the seat was taken, his expression looked aggrieved(?). He instigated his friend to ask for a switch of seat, followed by going to the other table and cleaned it. After cleaning it, he even blew the table. Hahaha the two Japanese fans expression weren’t too good.

Earlier on I went to order and yemum pushed cake into my mouth, there were fans queuing behind so she said “quick, I’ll give it to you secretly. Don’t let them see it.” After ordering, she showed us this and said it’s coming out soon. If the beverage temperature is high, a picture will appear on the words below. But the words are “I love Mobit”. She asked if Jongjin’s design is cool, we nodded and she said Yesung took part in designing.
Fan: Patbingsoo please /in korea/
Jongwoon: Yesseu! /in english/
Fan: I watched the Hanamizuki MV you were very cool! /in korea/
Jongwoon: /smiles Thank you! /in english/
My friend saw Jongjin serve Jongwoon a chocolate drink while he played his game at the counter lmao
Jongwoon was busy playing game so YeMum took my friend’s order. But she made Jongwoon give my friend her change ^^
(cr: @minglocked)
Me: (orders final goguma latte)
Liling: (Korean) My friend is going back to Singapore this week, is a handshake okay?
JONGWOON: Yes sir! (holds out hand and smiles the most adorable smile imaginable) Yup yup!
Me: Um, MoBit kiriolgeoyeyo! [i will miss MoBit!]
JONGWOON: Coming soon! (points at me)
Me: ?!
JONGWOON: (Korean) You should come back soon!

Me: Oppa, are there choco cookies today?
Ye: there are 🙂
Me: one please!
Ye: white?
Me: no dark please
Ye: Okay!
Me: oppa, by the way, “coming soon” is wrong phrase to use to tell fans to come back soon
Ye: what?
Me: many fans said you told them “coming soon”
Ye: but “coming soon” means “going soon”?
Me: /tells what coming soon means in kor/
Ye: yeah. I never said that OuO
Me: Really?
Ye: Yeap I never did
Me: Oh. Well the right phrase is “Come back soon”
Ye: Okay ^^


LIESSS he told a fan “coming soon” today too. Ye you liarrrrrr xD

Jongwoon took his bag and fans thought he was leaving so fans all said ‘안녕!’ he just looked confused and said ‘안녕’ and went into the smoking area.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (cr: @minglocked)



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