super junior

130720 E.L.F Japan Update, Message From Shindong [Translation]

Hello everyone~

It’s~ Shindong, the one in charge of (SuJu’s) visual !

I’ll see you all next week ! Kyaaaa ^__^

My heart is pounding and I’m thrilled to pieces~

Everyone~ Did you listen Hero ?

Ah~ You didn’t receive it yet…

“Hero” is coming soon~

As for myself, I really love ★BAMBINA★ so you guys have to listen to it !

I think you might also love the other songs~^^

To those living in Osaka… (wait) a bit until we come…

Let’s do our best to sing Hero’s songs together, okay ?^^

Bye bye~ Lee

Source: ELF Japan
Translated from Japanese to French by Emilie ~동해 France~ ‏@Mininin_87
Translated from French to English by SJ-SUPERIOR ‏@sjsuperior


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