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[Trans] 130720 Esquire August Edition – Interview with Henry

Member of Super Junior-M, Currently promoting as a solo with title song . Showed his honesty and charms on variety shows.

(Q.)It’s been 4 years since we last saw you. We remember you missed having activities in Korea since Super Junior-M usually promoted overseas. How does it feel to promote in Korea?

I am really happy I can promote as a solo. I wrote songs during Super Junior M promotions, and prepared a lot. So in this album, I have many songs I’ve written myself. I am happy to be able to show parts of songs I have prepared.

(Q.)You are good in not just writing lyrics and composing songs, you are also good in playing instruments. You have received high recognition as musicians, and you also are being loved by public through variety shows. It’s unexpected.

I have lived overseas, so I think the way I think is a bit different than how Koreans think. For example, other members may get scared when they meet famous MCs, but I don’t know them, so I can approach them more comfortably. I am the style to express how I am feeling. That may be dangerous, haha. I think I should talk more carefully from now on.

(Q.)That’s your charm. Continue with it. Anyways, noonas around you must find you very cute. Do you feel it?

Honestly, these days, I am feeling it a bit. Noonas I have worked with in past contact me often. They tell me I have become cool and funny. They said they didn’t know I was such a funny person. Haha

(Q.)Your appearance changed a lot. You lost weight, and your Korean skills improved.

One time, I weighted 68kg. I had lots of cheek fats. While preparing for this album, I didn’t eat rice and was on diet for about 2 months. Korean is really an amazing language. I am still lacking, but I love SeJong King*.

(T/N: *king that created Korean)

(Q.) Where do you play in Korea? Do you still go out to Han River with a puppy to meet girls?

Haha. I enjoy doing that, but these days, I haven’t been able to. When I play with friends, I often go to Sinsadong Garosu-gil, Chungdam-dong, or Apgujung. I enjoy talking in cafes.

(Q.)You are good in cooking too.

Ah. I recorded Korea/China collaboration movie “Final Recipe” in Thailand. China’s superstar Yang Ziqiong appears as the mother role, and I have a chef role. For this movie, I spent 5 hours per day to learned how to cook, for about 6 months. Originally, I am a type to be messy, but through cooking, I learned how to be organized. Haha.

(Q.)What does money mean to you?

Money is what’s required if you want to do something. So I feel that you only need to have just the amount you need. I am the type to spend it spontaneously, and I usually spend it on music equipment or on clothes.

(Q.) What type of girls do you like?

I don’t have a specific type I like. Being able to connect, without having to talk. I believe in that ‘feel’. Ah, as for personality, she has to be bright. I don’t want to introduce her to my parents if she’s not*

(T/N: *Word used there doesn’t translate well; It means more like, “no reaction”or “angry”)

(Q.)If you were to define yourself with one word?

Comfortable guy. Not special, just an average guy. But a guy who really enjoys living his life.



Credits: Magazine shots by DCAJ 장예정 ‏@ConKyubineDlite
Source; Interview
Translated by; Youngwoonjungsu @


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