Fan: Why did you follow the other 3 members on Weibo after going to Russia? | Lay freezed for 3 seconds and pointed to Tao: Him? | Lay: Him? | Fan: Yup. | Lay: They forced me to. (cr: 近水楼台0082. OP will upload the audio of that conversation at Mokdong fansign later.)

Fan: Is Mr*** your Weibo? | Kris: Yup. | Fan: Do you know what 牛鹿、牛灿、牛桃、繁星 (OTP names) mean? | Kris: I don’t go online that often. | Fan: Congrats on opening a Weibo acc, I followed you! | Kris: *laughs* Thank you! (cr: 近水楼台0082)

Baekhyun did the Christina impersonation. Chanyeol laughed while squatting down. (cr: PuppyStore_白牙村)

Chanyeol laughed so hard he spitted. Baekhyun saw and said: I thought your teeth flew out. (cr: PuppyStore_白牙村)

When Suho was talking, the members pretended to be reporters and surrounded him with mics. (cr: Celia_10x100)

Tao said he wore the cat ears today to mark their goodbye stage. Baekhyun looked and said: You look like a pervert. (cr:海天月夜,NAMOO_KKUN)

You said you will kick off those who try to get on your bed? What about your gf in the future? Luhan: I will think about it when time comes.
Luhan was the only one who finished drinking his bottle of mineral water. (cr: 近水楼台0082)

Fan wanted Lay to do the 치유치유 (healing) action again. But Lay misunderstood and wrote 치유치유 on the booklet instead. (cr:海天月夜,YEOLSERI)

Suho said “Junmyeon oppa” “Jongdae oppa” etc are too long. Just say “Junppa” “Jongppa”~ (cr: 帕克67,NAMOO_KKUN)

Fan wanted Lay to do the 치유치유 (healing) action but he wrote it on the booklet instead. (cr:YEOLSERI) pic.twitter.com/mePFFuvNKW
When Luhan said 107 points instead of number 107. Chanyeol and Baekhyun kept teasing him about “107 points” after that. (cr:帕克67,NAMOO_KKUN)

Fan wanted Kris to ask Chen to open a Weibo account.
Kris: Even if he has one, he wouldn’t know how to use it. (cr: 海天月夜,sehun_obba)

Fan: How was Russia? Were there many sexy ladies? D.O: Many… (cr: yeolseri,海天月夜)

Baekhyun wanted Chen to give a hint for the follow up song, and Chen said: “우르르쾅쾅” (sound of a thunder) (CR:_exo_fanpage,海天月夜)

Tao leaving Mokdong fansign venue with packets of tidbits in his hands. (cr: DO Ma Thang) pic.twitter.com/gC23x6AWaM

Jongin pretended to throw a sweet that was given to him by a fan to the other fans, but he ate it himself instead. After that, Kai cheekily put down his hand, but ended up hitting a pen on the table, which bounced and hit his face. And then Kai hurriedly called his manager to come and check his face. (cr:hunrabbit, 海天月夜)

Baek: We will be giving away sth for today’s event. Someone passed him a watermelon plushie and Tao snatched it away. (cr:海天月夜:hunrabbit)

Suho: Next album will be released in 2014. | *no one got tricked* | Okay, tmr. | *no one believed* | Next week. | *no one, again* (cr:帕克67,NAMOOKKUN)

Fan: Can you have a dance battle with Kai? | Kris: I’m better at drawing, no? (cr:帕克67,sehun_obba)



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