[Transcripts] 130717 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun

Introducing Jay Park,

KH: Alluring, sexy guy!
KH: *sings* I like you~ your everything is.. 10 points out of 10!!
(he combined two of Jay Park/2PM songs 좋아 and 10점만점에10점 haha)

KH: Whoever sees him will think he’s handsome, today’s sacrificial lamb, Park Jaebum!


JS: The sacrificial lamb for today’s younger guy killer noonas, Kyuhyun’s best friend, Jaebum!
(mcs kept talking about good things about him, the 3 noonas were fangirling over him, Juri leaned in a bit)

JB: It’s burdensome.. *to 3 noonas* and don’t come too close to me
JB: (Just now) It’s like you are going to kiss me.. *demo the kissing head position to Juri*
KH: Jaebum-ah~~ this is not SNL~!



JS: Jaebum-ssi, have you ever been seeing older women too?
Juri: Do you consider it (dating older woman)
JB: Yes I do, I am okay with (dating) noona. Most of my fans are also older than me..
KH: I know many things about Jaebum-ssi.. if I were to spill them, it’s the end of him. >xD
JB: … yeaa… now.. well, I am more of a ‘bad guy’ style.

JB: The noonas, when they see guys with muscular body, they will be like “ah nice” and touched your body right.. and they be asking if you’ve been exercising, like that.
KH: Because Jaebum-ssi is a foreigner, many girls, really, they just went up to him and approach him
GR: That’s because the perception that it’s tolerable (with foreigners)
KH: Right.
JS: *to GR* tolerable image is really good
GR: I know right..
JP: What is tolerable (he can’t understand the Korean word)
GR: Generous~
JP: Generous? YES I AM!

JS: Juri-ssi, I heard you have your own way on approaching younger man?
Juri: I just do it like.. *to Kyu* “you don’t have any interest in me right?”
GR: Say ‘yes’. Why are you hesitating?
KH: Ah..
GR: Just say “eun, yes!”
KH: She could get hurt..
GR: What are you talking about?!
Juri: I’m not good enough right?
KH: …
Juri: Reply her “yes of course”
SY: Aish don’t be like that
GR: Don’t be like what?! She is used to it (his teasings) already
KJ: *to Kyu* Well just answer her since she already asked
KH: It’s not about not being good enough, it’s just, I have never even thought of it..
Juri: “You can come to think of it soon xD

KH: Nowadays amongst idols if they have a crush on someone they would either send signals to him/her or mentioning it on broadcasts once or twice but Jaebum-ssi, you’ve been doing it for a lot of times..
JP: Me? Of couse I do it often. Should I do it again? Bora~ xDDD

KJ: And one more, one of our writer was a “Come To Play” writer, she said during recording, you and Go JunHee had a playful pink light romance together? She also gave you a peck on the cheek.
JP: I like girls who are taller than me, you see
KH: Wasn’t his “husband” Jinwoon-ssi, jealous? And that time, wasn’t your Kakaotalk profile picture was Go JunHee?


Jaebum talked about his first kiss

KH: By the way, Jaebum-ssi, you once said you’re a good kisser
JP: Me?
KH: Yep
JP: Please stop.
JS: So after you kiss someone, their reaction was always good?
JP: They never had an unsatisfied expression
KH: Juri-ssi you were going to say that you’re a good kisser too?
JR: I think I’m a good kisser now. My first kiss was with a younger guy, but since I never had kissed someone before, I didn’t know you can breathe slowly when kissing (so she had pushed the guy away)
KH: Because you were suffocating?

http://twitpic.com/d3pssk When the guest was talking about a younger guy who had been taking care of her, Kyuhyun got curious and he had been jotting down some details while the guests keep talking like a detective, he asked if he was an idol, she said yes and he was jotting some more and came up with few names XD The guest kept talking but Kyuhyun kept thinking to himself and mumbling more names.

Guest: Stop it.
Guest 2: *to Kyu* You’re good.
KJ: Wait, by any chance, is he one of those guys he mentioned?
Guest: No no.
JS: We can search for 88’line idols on the internet (since Kyu mentioned before he might be 88-line idol)
Guest: Nono he’s not even 88-line. So.. (about to continue her story)
KH: Then, he must be 87-89-line.
Guest: …
Guest: Kyuhyun-ssi is relentless.

He’s so cute and efficient when curiosity got the best of him. XD


12 – They revealed that Jaybum cried when watching Toy Story, and he was explaining and the noonas thought that’s so cute of him, Juri was simply staring and adoring Jaybum while he’s talking,

KH: Jung Juri-ssi, please don’t look at him with such a deep look.

KH: What is Jaebum to Juri?
JR: Just.. a cute dongsaeng.

KH: What is Bora to Jaebum?
JP: My favourite colour. (Bora in Korean means purple.)

*Kyu looks unsatisfied with his smooth answer

KH: What is Jung Juri to Jaebum?
JP: Someone who’s sitting next to me. XD


LOL our MC Kiyu just never stopped. hahaha ~ gotta love JayKyu thou~



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