Transcripts] 130717 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun (Part 1)

This episode is younger guy-older woman coupling special. The MCs were talking about their own ‘noona’ crush, Gura is talking about Soyoung.

KH: *surprised* Soyoung-ie noona?
GR: Ahn Soyoung-ssi
JS: (she’s famous) before you were born
GR: Wait, you thought it’s Go Soyoung?!
KH: >///<

When it's Kyu's turn,

KH: I heard that the icon of younger guy, Gi Sungyong, when he saw Han Hyejin noona who is 8 years older him, he called her "Hyejin-ah" right away
GR: This guy is really something
KH: Will it work if I try this?
KH: Noona, you are "Hyegyo-ya" .. I only see you in my eyes~


KKJ: In 2013, older woman-younger man coupling in the industry is now a trend
KH: Yes there are many couples
KJ: It started with Rain x Taehee couple
GR: Actually at the mention of RainxTaehee, people may say these two are not that very well matched. So let's protect these two!
KH: Since when are you protecting people? XD
KH: Actually me too, nowadays while I'm doing program recording, Youngja noona push herself to me..
GR: That's for entertainment.
KH: Ah really?
GR: Just think of it as a fan-service.
KH: Oohh~



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