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TRANS] 130721 ELF-JAPAN Update – Kyuhyun’s msg

Everyone, its been a long time since I saw you all! Although I heard that the Tsuyu rain season(Tsuyu meaning plum) has just ended in Japan but the weather there now has become very hot… Please be careful to not get heatstroke. Has everyone practiced [Hero] this song perfectly? Maybe… Together with everyone.. At Tokyo Dome.. We will… Erm seems like this cannot be revealed yet? ^^

SUPER SHOW 5, [Hero] release event, FANCLUB Event and after that A-Nation… This summer we will be always be together right? This summer together with SUPER JUNIOR… And with [Hero] lets overcome the heat ness and spend happy times together! So lets meet at Tokyo Dome!

Signed Kyuhyun ^^

Jap to Chi trans by SJHKELF@KAZUY
Chi to eng trans by Sherlyn(@sweetkyu21) at @OurGyuhyun