[LIST] 10 K-Pop Groups That Became Instant Hits

No. 1 – TVXQ “Hug”
If you are talking about big names in KPOP, you just can’t leave out TVXQ. They have sold more albums than any other KPOP group. Ever. “Hug” put TVXQ on the road to success that no group has seen the likes of!

No. 2 – CNBLUE “I’m a Loner”
This song holds the title for the fastest win on any music show. Their debut song and they instantly achieve all-kills! CNBlue definitely showed up to the KPOP scene as a heavy hitter!

No. 3 – Wonder Girls “Tell Me”
“Tell Me” was not Wonder Girls’ debut song (that was ‘Irony’) but “Tell Me” was their comeback song and instantly hit it big. The following year after Wonder Girls cemented themselves as part of the leaders of KPOP with “So Hot” and “Nobody” – both songs massive hits and still popular today!

No. 4 – Miss A “Bad Girl, Good Girl”
No one could possibly miss this song coming in KPOP. This song rocketed Miss A to instant fame which Miss A has kept rolling with, producing other hit songs like “Goodbye Baby” and “Touch.” The song is right up there with “I’m a Loner” for fastest climb to No.1!

No. 5 – Big Bang “Lies”
Once again, technically not their debut song. But it was less than a year later, so like Wonder Girls, I count it as one of those instant successes. Prior to Big Bang, the boys were floating around with solo works, but thank gosh they ended up in a group to provide us with their bombastic music!

No. 6 – 2NE1 “Fire”
Lablemates 2ne1 can also boast a successful debut that resulted in being a big hit. “Fire” landed them mutizens awards but their follow up single “I Don’t Care” released just 2 months afterwards got them music show wins and made them a soaring success.

No. 7 – Lee Hi “1,2,3,4”
Continuing on with YG successes, you cannot leave Lee Hi out. Her first single “1,2,3,4” swept all the major music charts and won her music show wins. It was the most powerful debut YG has ever unleashed. And Lee Hi keeps on going as a “monster rookie”.

No. 8 – SHINee “Replay”
SHINee was also an instant success for SM. SHINee’s first album managed to land them the MAMA award for “Best New Artist” and the Golden Disk Award for “Newcomer Album.” These boys were meant to lead the Hallyu Wave from the start!

No. 9 – EXO “Mama”
SM definitely knows how to promote their boy groups as EXO’s official debut of “Mama” earned them some amazing achievements. EXO-K’s album peaked at No.1 on the Gaon Album Charts and even made it to No.8 on Billboard World Album Charts. With their recent successes with “Wolf” we can tell that EXO is going to be a power house in KPOP.

No. 10 – 4minute “Hot Issue”
4Minute was another instant success as their debut single “Hot Issue” became a house hold dance. Seriously, watch variety shows around this time – everyone was trying to do this dance! Their follow up of “Muzik” only helped them put their foot down firmly in the KPOP world!

Source: ningin


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