[Fan Account] 130721 Mouse Rabbit

Yesung come to Mouse Rabbit today. He is wearing a black cap, a top with white pattern, necklace and sunglasses.

He came into the room to chat with friends right after he got here. I got distracted by the bag of potato chips in his hand (he was holding one of the corner of the bag and came in like a kid) when we passed by each other. After that I saw him sat down in a chair and eating the chips happily.

After I’d finished ordering, I went back into the room. I saw Jongwoon with his head tilted back and opened his mouth so big. He then put the chips in his mouth making the crunchy sound. He looked so adorable that way.

(cr: 豌豌_Vivian | Trans: @siohappy)

There were a few patrons who seemed to visit Mouse Rabbit for the first time. One of them was holding a camera which was switched on, and wanted to take a picture of Yesung who was standing at the counter. Yesung saw her aiming her camera at him, and he did a cross sign to her, saying, “No photo no photo, I in army” while smiling ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ cute!!!

ongwoon oppa and his friends were discussing about if they could switch seats with us, but their voices were so loud that we could basically hear their whole discussion. lol. Then his friend said he would asked us in English in case we were not good at Korean.

And when his friend came over, we had gotten up already without him started asking. Then all of them came over to thank us and also helped carry our stuff over to the other table. Jongwoon was saying thanks very happily, showing off his English. The conversation was a mixture of Korean and English. lol

Jongwoon has been in this hyper mode lately.

(cr. 豌豌_Vivian | Trans: @siohappy)

Fan: Raspberry mocha (In English)
Yesung: Raspberry mocha? (In Konglish)
Fan: Yes~~
Yesung: Iced?
Fan: Hot.
Yesung: Iced?
Fan: Hot.
Yesung: Yes sir~~!
Fan: *stunned* … It should be yes madam”…
Yesung: Okay~ *nods in acknowledgment* Thank you! *smiles*

(It’s the second time he said yes sir to her. It’s yes madam!!! ><)ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(cr: @pigeoncloud)

My friends and i were sitting at the porch then one of yesung's friends asked us if we could change seats with them then we agreed. While we were changing seats yesung said "thank you thank you" to us happily hahaha he was so cute i think he was showing off his english. (cr: @joymontinola)

Jongjin was mixing drinks at the counter and Jongwoon went to blow at his neck until Jongjin slapped at him. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (cr: minglocked)

Jongwoon was in the kitchen and there were two Japanese fans before me. When he came out they hid below the counter and told me to go first. Jongwoon just gestured for me to go before them and order with a bored look on his face. (cr: @minglocked)

Yesung: Hi
Fan: caramel macchiato…
Yesung: hot? (He punched my order to a regular one)
Fan: no, iced with whip cream
Yesung: yes sir
Fan: hahahaha (seriously i was laughing cause he kept showing off his english)
Yesung: thank you
Fan: oppa you speak english very well
Yesung: thank you (he smiled sweetly to her)

(cr: joymontinola)

A fan asked Yesung what is his favorite song, and he paused and thought for a while before saying, "없어요. (None)". The fan was stunned and he said in English, "I'm sorry~". (cr: pigeoncloud)

A fan told Jongwoon "you're sooooo handsome" and he gave her grin and scrunched up his eyes at her cutely. (cr: @ryeonggu)

Me: Why do you always wear the caps every day? Is your hair not good/doesn't look good?
JW: Yeah! It's too short (looks sad)
Me: You don't like it?
JW: Yeah … (looks sad before laughing and giving me my receipt)


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