Ailee denies knowing Park Ki Woong, actor reacts

In Ailee’s guest appearance at Shindong’s Shim Shim Tapa on July 17, she cleared out the rumor of dating Bridal Mask’s actor Park Ki Woong.

The rumor started when the actor tweeted a supportive message for Ailee. To clear the misunderstanding, Ailee stated on the radio show that she in fact never met Park Ki Woong and was surprised to see articles of him supporting her.

After hearing the news that Ailee denied him, the actor reacted through his twitter on July 20. He explained that Ailee’s representatives asked him to support her and appeared like they are close. He also expressed his disappointment as a person who helped someone and being denied. However, he revealed that Ailee called him to settle things out and admitted that U&I is indeed a song that he likes and is really supporting her.

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— ??? (@woonggnoow) July 20, 2013

Netizens commented on this issue, “I think Ailee’s representatives didn’t inform her about Park Ki Woong.”,”I feel bad for PKW, he’s such a nice person.”,”Hope this misunderstanding will be cleared out soon, I like them both.” and so on.


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