Kang Ta explains his ideal woman to be Victoria

Source: Newsen via Nate

“Honestly, my ideal woman is someone with beautiful eyes. Having beautiful eyes usually means you have a beautiful face. I can accept some level of plastic-ness as well. I’d also like someone who’s a good wife/mother but also knows how to play hard. I mentioned before that Victoria is my ideal woman. She used to be on a show called ‘We Got Married’ with Nichkhun and I even asked her how she would feel about going on the show with me.

I saw her most recently when she came to support ‘Voice Korea 2’. When my student Lee Ye Jun won, she texted me saying congratulations. I’d like to talk to her over a delicious meal some time. She’s a caring and great friend. I hope she’ll meet a great man even if it isn’t me.”



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