super junior

[Transcript] 130710 Radio Star (cut) ㅡ

KJ: We know that Sungmin and Kyuhyun are close..
SM: Yes
KJ: It’s pointed out that you had mentioned “we were close before”? 
JS: Seems like it has changed
SM: There’s a problem since when we were dividing the rooms 
SM: There are small room and big room right.. I was hoping he’d say “Hyung-ie just take the bigger room” 
GR: Like the younger can take the bigger one? yaaaaah..
KH: This is a trap/setup!
JS: It’s not even a girl college students dormitory, why are you being this sensitive? 
SM: So for that, be it rock-paper-scissors game or ladder game, it became a showdown. So in the end, I got the bigger room..
KH: In the end you got the bigger room right?!
GR: Even I, an 0-blood typed person, got a bad mood hearing this.. you should have compromised..
KH: Does the younger have to get the smaller room only?
GR: No it’s not like that, your hyung is not even popular.. 
KH: That is even more cruel! So mean! 
GR: Think hyung is not even popular so at least,.. “hyung use the bigger room, i’ll take the smaller one” you should have said it like this
KH: That’s really way more mean 
JS: He has lots of time to be spent in the room too.. you should have compromised.
KH: They’re really mean right? 
KJ: It’s only right for the hyung to get the bigger room.
JS&KH: You’re using the biggest waiting room, right??
JS: Some more only you are the one having one-person waiting room right


cut –



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