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130612 韓fun Magazine | Interview with Donghae & Eunhyuk

Q1 | I wanna Dance” is a dance tune music feeling of groove in funky .
Why did you choose this music?
Eunhyuk: Oppa Oppa” was music loved by many people.I wanted to sing paste good music. I thought that Japanese fan would like it when I listened to this music for the first time.The recording, MV shooting were very fun.I hope you like it.
Donghae: When I chose 2nd single, there was many candidate music. I always listen to many Japanese music. When I listened to this music, I had impression that it was fresh and good. I think Japanese fan will definitely like that

Q2 | Oppa Oppa” was released in Korea, but was Japanese.”I wanna Dance” is completely a Japanese original, isn’t it?
Eunhyuk: Because Japanese fan loved “Oppa Oppa”, I thought that I want to do some present from me, then I made “I wanna Dance”. At first I have a Japanese fan hear it and may release the Korean version if there is an opportunity.
Donghae: Because SJ often do Asia and a world tour, can not usually meet a Japanese fan, I always feel I’m so sorry. Therefore I wanted you to watch our different figures, I wanted to make the original music in Japan.
Of course the feeling of grateful feelings to Japanese fan is put.

Q3 | I wanna Dance” is music that invites women to be “Let’s dance together” in the club. choice of words is unique,isn’t it !!
Eunhyuk: That’s right! For example, “young lady tonight” in a lyrics is very funny.www~I am glad when you’ll sing together in a concert because it is a lyrics to have you enjoy it
Donghae: I could remember immediately because it is fun song. That you enjoy is the most important.
Eunhyuk: It is a lie. Donghae was not readily remembered. he had being learning it in an airplane
toward Japan from Korea.www
Donghae: To be honest, it was a bit difficult. but I did learn while having fun, It is true!!
Eunhyuk: I really enjoyed myself. Such as “Ojousann tonight” “charao sannjou” “adrenaline power” funny words contains a lot in a lyrics. Such expression is not used much in Korea, It was recorded while enjoying very much.
Donghae: Lyricist is great. Why come up with lyrics like this, I would like to ask to Lyricist while eating once.www

Q4 | MV has become a fun finish!! you are dancing pretty hard, What was the thing that you struggled with the most with shooting?
Eunhyuk: I shot MV through the night for two days, but did not feel fatigue at all because an atmosphere was good. Perhaps because of age, my waist was sore in the middle. www I was able to have lot of fun during shooting. I think that good MV was completed.
Donghae: Me and Eunhyuk don’t sweat too much usually, but we sweat terribly in this dance. We became sweaty as take a shower just danced once. So took the time to stop the sweat.

Q5 | The type of the dance seemed classic(nostalgic feel). It was fun to watch.
Eunhyuk: With the genre called the old school, rock dance and step that was popular a long time ago in contains I think that then memory revives in sequence when the person who liked such a dance looks in old days.

Q6 | There is the catchy choreography,isn’t it.
Donghae: I want you to imitate choreography by all means.

Trans: Saran_pi


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